Best Picture Books for Teaching STEM- Have Fun Molly Lou Melon

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Have Fun Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell shows students it isn’t who has the most expensive toys, it’s who has the most imagination that counts.  In this lovable story, our main character Molly Lou flexes her imagination by creating inventions and toys from random objects:

Molly Lou Melon is a creative child with a vivid imagination.  She remembers that her grandma used to tell her how things were “back in the day” and that inspires Molly Lou to create and build her own fun.  Soon, she meets her new next door neighbor, Gertie.  Gertie prizes her store-bought toys, but admires Molly Lou’s inventive play and the two become friends.  Soon, Gertie makes a doll for Molly Lou and the two become fast friends.

In this design challenges students use their imagination and creativity to design, build, and race balloon cars.

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Best Picture Books for Teaching STEM: Have Fun Molly Lou Melon

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