“The Basics” Series on STEM Education

Over the past couple years, STEM has become very popular.  Phrases like “STEM education” and “STEM attributes” have become very common and even Fortune 500 companies are taking note as they race to prove that they are on the cutting edge of this “new” concept.

What many of them don’t understand is that STEM is not new.  It’s just a different methodology of teaching and a different way of of looking at things, but to a lot of teachers, STEM is still a rather nebulous “thing” that they can’t seem to wrap their heads around.

In this blog post series, we’ll address:

  • What is STEM Education?
  • Why is STEM Important?
  • How do I Implement STEM in my Classroom?
  • When do I “do” STEM and still Teach Everything Else? 
  • How does STEM Improve Student Learning?
  • Where can I get Quality STEM Resources?
  • Where do I go for Help?