STEM Skills Challenge- Build a Better Boat

 In a recent article by CNBC on Job Skills Gap: The Basics Become a Problem a survey of 500 top executives was conducted.

Of those surveyed, 92% agree that there is a job skills gap and 44% of respondents say the gap is in “soft skills”. (And not to digress, but the second most common answer at 22% was lack of technical skills.)

Specifically, the article defines soft skills as communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.  They didn’t actually use the phrase “21st century skills”, but I’m sure you recognize them as such.

So, for this week’s STEM Skills Challenge, we’re going to build a better boat and build our 4C’s (soft skills).  In this challenge, students will use the provided supplies (plastic wrap, straws, tape, and washers) to design and build a boat that will hold 10 one inch diameter washers for at least 30 seconds without sinking. Water will be required to test the boats, but with inquisitive scientists who are focusing on the 4C’s, you shouldn’t get wet on this ride!

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