STEM Skills Challenge- Smooth Sailing

 Throughout this series, we’ve been talking about the importance of soft skills and how many employers are looking for these key skills when interviewing and hiring.

Recently, a Gallup poll conducted a survey asking Americans whether soft skills should be taught in K-12 schools.  When it comes to teaching critical thinking skills, an overwhelming 80% of those surveyed believe they should be taught.  The other 4C’s communication, collaboration, and creativity were highly rated as well.

This week’s STEM Skills Challenge will help to build those skills as students design and build a sailboat that will “sail” at least four feet in under one minute.  The catch?  Students will only be allowed to use paperclips, index cards, aluminum foil and tape.  Once teams have designed their boats, students will test them on a table top or a tile floor by placing them in front of a fan. Hopefully, the team has collaborated on a successful design and it’s smooth sailing!

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