The Four C’s in STEM: Creativity with Animoto

In continuing with this series focusing on the 4 C’s (creativity, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking), I’m zeroing in on the Creativity aspect and identifying tools that will help students to do just that- exercise their creativity in STEM.

One of my most favorite tools for being creative is Animoto, an online platform that allows students to mix and create short videos.  Students and teachers can sign up for a free education account (which has added features that a standard user account doesn’t have.)  Using an education account, student can:

  • create a video up to 20 minutes long
  • use a variety of themes to customize their videos
  • export or share their videos
  • choose from about 20 different frames/themes for videos
  • upload their own images or video clips or choose from the image/video clip library
  • choose a song from the music library (automatically attributed on the video) or upload their own song

Using an online tool like Animoto allows students to display their knowledge in a creative way while still maintaining rigor in your STEM classroom.