The Four C’s in STEM: Critical Thinking with Google

Critical Thinking with Google? How can using Google (or Bing) teach my students to think critically?  Wading through search results can be a daunting task for an even an adult, so teaching student how to select good, reliable and reputable sites is a must.

Anyone can host a web page.  In terms of critical thinking, being able to discern a credible web site from a fly-by-night site is an important and necessary skill.

As students look at search results, they are naturally asking themselves internal question to figure out which link to click: What web site is this from? When was this written? What credentials does this person or organization have?  According to the UC Berkley Library, examining different search results or sources allows students to employ techniques and ask a series of questions to know which pages to trust and thus help to develop more sophisticated critical thinking skills.