The Four C’s in STEM: Collaboration with Wikispaces

Another one of my favorite tools, Wikispaces does not disappoint. Wikispaces Classroom is an ideal tool for both teachers to create a virtual space for team work.  In minutes, students can sign up for a free account and begin collaborating.  Perfect for school projects or even eportfolios, Wikispaces provides a lot of flexibility.

Using Wikispaces, students can create attractive “web pages” containing files, pictures, videos, links and other content to support their projects or eportfolios. Students can create as many supporting pages and upload as many supporting documents as needed as long as they don’t go over 20MB per file limit or 2GB capacity limit.

Students can leave comments and discuss topics in a discussion thread and teachers can easily monitor since Wikispaces saves all edits and revisions.  Wikispaces Classroom pages will even allow the teacher to organize students into groups, each with their own pages and permissions…perfect for collaboration!