Teaching STEM through Fairy Tales- 10 Engaging Activities for Primary Students

Teaching STEM through Fairy Tales- 10 Engaging Activities for Primary Students

I’m a huge proponent of STEM  in the younger grades.  So, connecting STEM through literature is a natural extension (and quite a powerful tool).

This connection helps to improve reading skills, yet also enhance creativity and critical thinking skills.  Fairy Tales are a wonderful way to introduce students to STEM because younger kids don’t often have a lot of background knowledge, but just about everyone knows popular fairy tales (and if they don’t it’s a quick read-aloud or opportunity to retell the story.)

We’re learning that with STEM, targeting students at a younger age helps to build 21st century skills more thoroughly.  So, for this series, we took a look at 10 Fairy Tales to help primary students to begin developing deeper thinking skills.

This Bundle Pack includes 10 well loved fairy tales (here’s the list), a design brief and design challenge for each of the selected fairy tales as well as Interactive STEM Notebook pages (half-page) for each one.

EDIT: I originally created this series for younger students, but I am getting feedback from middle school teachers that their students love these as well.  So, if you teach the upper grades, you might consider these as a fun throw back challenge for your students.

Get the Teaching STEM through Fairy Tales Bundle Pack with all 10 of the Design Briefs and Interactive STEM Notebook Pages!


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