Engaging Students in STEM

Welcome Back to a new school year!  It’s time to sharpen pencils, meet your students, write lesson plans…and engage students in STEM!

When we first started hearing about STEM (back in the dark ages it seems), we knew it as a simple little acronym that neatly bundled the terms Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Now, we know STEM as an interdisciplinary teaching approach that assists students in becoming better problem solvers, learning how to work in white space, collaborating with others, researching to find solutions, and a host of other top-notch skills that help our students be successful in the workplace.

What a great opportunity to begin implementing STEM in your classroom than the beginning of the school year?  This new post series will help you to get organized, get resources, and get STEMy so that your students can achieve to their highest potential.

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