Engaging Students in STEM: I Can Statements

When we engage students in STEM, we are providing real-world experiences that are hands-on, high-interest, inquiry-based and- most importantly- tied to NGSS. And along with being tied to the content DCI’s, most STEM projects are inherently tied to the Engineering Design indicators.

NGSS is very specific about what it is that students should be able to do by the end of their school year or grade band.  For us as adults, these Engineering Design performance indicators are easily understood, but how well do they translate to students?  Do students know what they should be able to do?  NGSS says yes, but unless we clearly tell them, how will they know?

As students participate in their inquiries, these Engineering Design “I Can” Statements can be used to help students know what they are doing and why.  If you use STEM notebooks with your students, you can also use these:

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