Best Picture Books for Teaching STEM- Those Darn Squirrels


Those Darn Squirrels by Adam Rubin is a great tale how to use creativity to solve a problem.   As Old Man Fookwire tries to feed the birds, the squirrels work to foil his plan. Here’s a summary for this must read:

Old Man Fookwire doesn’t like anything…except painting pictures of birds that visit his yard. One day, her has an idea that if he build a bird feeder that the birds will stay around his yard instead of traveling south for the winter. The birds love the bird feeders, but so do the squirrels, who make many creative attempts to eat the seeds and berries in the bird feeders. Old Man Fookwire yells at the squirrels, but they keep stealing the bird seed. When the birds fly south for the winter, Old Man Fookwire gets lonely so the squirrels find a way to keep him company.

Those Darn Squirrels shows students that perseverance is an attribute for success (both on the part of the squirrels and Old Man Fookwire) and is a lesson that will benefit students in any endeavor, but especially in their pursuit of STEM skills.

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