Mental Math STEM Games- Jackpot

Mental Math STEM Games- Jackpot

Our first game in the series, is a dice game called Jackpot!  

Based on the game Yahtzee, where players work to rolldifferent combinations, students roll to do the same…all while sharpening their math skills.  Using 4 dice, students work to roll evens, odds, composites and build other number combinations.

Recognizing that there is a wide variety of math abilities in one classroom, I created two different score cards.   One is designed for younger or lower-ability students that uses math terminology to ask students to perform addition and subtraction functions. For older or higher ability students, I designed a different score card that uses math terminology to perform all four operations.  Both half-page score cards are included in this product, perfect for students’ Interactive STEM Notebooks.  Also included are game play instructions and standards alignment (CCSS Math).

Just provide 4 dice (Did I mention you can download these dice for free?), earn the highest score and win the Jackpot!

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