Merry Christmas 2016!


Merry Christmas!  Hoping you and your families had a wonderful holiday!  Join me after the holidays to continue our series on Powerful Graphic Organizers for STEM.

Until then, and as you begin to plan your new school year, enjoy reading through this year’s best sellers!  All of the ones from this year just happened to be the bundle packs, so grab some for your classroom and spread some cheer when your students return to school!

The Brown Bag STEM Challenge– This series of design challenges was created out of my own frustration for expensive, over-the-top STEM challenges.  Wanting to provide quality, affordable resources for classrooms, I set out to develop challenges that would engage students, use easy to find supplies, align to standards and…well…fit into a brown paper bag!  I must have hit the mark because this bundle pack was again the year’s top seller!

Teaching STEM through Fairy Tales– In an effort to reach out to primary students (since most STEM design challenges seemed to be geared for high schoolers), I wanted to create a set of challenges around a central point that all children would be familiar with- fairy tales.  Although these challenges began with primary students in mind, I’m learning that your middle school students enjoy them as well.  Guess everyone loves a good fairy tale!

The Brown Bag STEM Challenge II– Since the original Brown Bag Challenge was so incredibly popular, I set out on designing the sequel.  Same great goals- quality resources, easy to find materials, standards aligned, and low-cost- but with a whole new set of design challenges for students to explore!


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