Happy New Year 2017!


Happy 2017! As you bring in the new year and begin thinking about the great things that happened this past year, take a look at the most popular posts of 2016.  And don’t forget to join me next week to continue our series on Powerful Graphic Organizers for STEM!

Interactive STEM Notebooks: 10 Resources  to Get Started– This series shares 10 resources that will help any teacher implement STEM notebooks or help their students more deeply engage in creating and developing authentic STEM notebooks.

How to Develop Student Centered Design Challenges– This series was created to help all of you develop your own design challenges!  So many classrooms have community issues that need solving, so why not leverage student buy-in to create (and hopefully solve) a design challenge that is close to home!

10 Characteristics of Effective STEM Classrooms– Out of all the classrooms that I’ve had the honor and privilege of visiting, this is my top 10 list as to what it takes to make a good STEM classroom great!


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