Mars Rover Celebration Curriculum

Our curriculum team has just wrapped up this year’s portion of the Mars Rover Celebration Curriculum.  We chose to write the tough lessons first and next year we’ll revise the lessons using teacher feedback, do a little polishing (because as we tell our students- you can always improve your writing and communication, right?) and tackle the remaining lesson plans.  Since Curiosity is now safely on Mars and getting ready to do some exploring, I suspect we’ll have a lot of teachers exploring this curriculum this upcoming school year.  All of the completed lessons to date are located here.  You’ll notice two different sets- one set for grades 3-5 and one set for grades 6-8.  For the most part, we tried to be as consistent as possible in presenting concepts in an inquiry-based fashion, but sometimes needed to deviate from that plan to solidify some skills and concepts.  If you use this curriculum or a portion of it in your classroom, drop me a note and let me know.  I’d love to hear your feedback!