Plan your STEM Year Now!

As you look ahead to planning your next school year, it’s time to think about the yearly plan.  This was always a time for me to reflect on the prior year and think about what I could do to improve my lessons, challenges and overall key priorities for the year. So, here are some yearly planning templates to help you get started.

Get the FREE Yearly Planning Templates! And while you’re there, check out my other STEM resources like:

The Brown Bag STEM Challenge– low-cost, high-engagement engineering design challenges that fit in a brown bag (whell, theoretically, anyway)

Teaching STEM through Fairy Tales– engineering design challenges to introduce primary students to STEM

STEM Formative Assessments– No-hassle ways to check in on student progress and understanding

Interactive STEM Notebooks– General-use pages to help you students organize their notebooks and gain crfitical thinking skills

Starting next week, I’m going to share how I think up your own great ideas for engineering design challenges and how to actually plan these out, so stay tuned!


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