The Four C’s in STEM: Creativity

The Four C’s in STEM: Creativity

Creativity should be shining in the classroom, but sometimes, due to time constraints and other responsibilities, it gets left out of the spotlight.


To try to incorporate some elements into your classroom that support and encourage creativity, try these:


PowToon is an online  service that allows students to create animated videos complete with voice overs. With an environment similar to PowerPoint, students can construct slides or animated movies add graphics, music or voice tracks and export products.  Using a tool like this helps students stay engaged, enhance their creativity and  pull together a vision for the project at hand.


I’ve been a fan of Animoto for years.  It is an online platform that allows students to mix and create short videos.  Students and teachers can sign up for a free education account (which has added features that a standard user account doesn’t have.)  Using an education account, student can create videos using a variety of themes, and frames, export their videos and choose songs from a music library.  Using an online tool like Animoto allows students to display their knowledge in a creative way while still maintaining rigor in your STEM classroom.

Infographics have really gained popularity lately, so I decided to include one in this lineup. is an online infographic application that offers free accounts.  Students can choose from a number of templates to make their data and research more interesting for both themselves and their audience. And the best thing about it is there is no login.   Just click a template and start designing!


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