Effective STEM Classrooms- Reflection

Effective STEM Classrooms- Reflection

In keeping with characteristics that are present in Effective STEM Classrooms, comes reflection.

A lot of time this step is skipped because the kids finished the project and the teacher ran out of time or is pressed for time to move to the next unit, lesson, performance indicator.  I get that time is a luxury, but please don’t skip this step!  Reflection is one of the most important steps because it provides such benefits to both the teacher and the students.

For the students, it lets them recap what they have learned, connect more dots as other students share and clear up any misconcpetions.

For teachers, it shows us what students have learned and how deep that learning is.  It also helps us to guide students’ future learning and plan future lessons/units armed with good data.

Reflections can be as easy as going around the room and asking students to share or as in depth as the reflection sheets I use that align with the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices.  No matter how you do it, make sure that you do!