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Powerful Graphic Organizers

28 Powerful Graphic Organizer for STEM

By February 15th, 2019 No Comments

We’re taking a look at some Powerful Graphic Organizers for STEM that can help students develop better problem solving skills, help them document their work and help students take charge of their learning!

Because graphic organizers have a visual and active component, they help both our kinesthetic students as well as our visual learners better grasp the information they are learning.  They are a wonderful authentic artifact for student STEM notebooks and if used regularly can show student growth and even be used as formative assessments.

Venn Diagrams and Concept Maps seem to be the go-to, catch-all ones, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention them.  These oldies-but-goodies are so versatile for all subjects including STEM, but there are others that can be just as (or more) useful.

The Claims, Evidence, Reasoning (CER) model, for example is very rigorous for students and causes them to struggle with what kind of information to write in each category.  Having students write their responses in this format ensures that they are: choosing a side or solution to support, providing evidence and support for their side/solution, and (the hard part) providing a sort of conclusion by tying their claim and evidence to a scientific phenomena.

Other graphic organizers in this Bundle Pack are the Engineering Design Process, Problem/Solution, RURUN and 25 others that will help students visualize and organize concepts.  Each different organizer also contains STEM Notebook pages (half page) for incorporation into a STEM Interactive Notebook.

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