2020 LEAF STEM Game

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The Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Flight (LEAF) STEM Challenge is a hands-on aerospace project for kids in grades 6-12.

Each year, the game changes, but the premise remains the same- Form a team of up to three students to design, build and fly a small electric airplane that will carry out a specific task.

Airplanes are required to use a specific project motor that costs around $1, so this low-cost project is ideal for teachers and coaches who want to make an impact in STEM and explore the world of aviation and aerospace in a hands-on way.

Airplanes fly around a central tower (tethered flight) so the game is easily played indoors on any floor with a smooth surface.  First, students prove that their airplane is flight-worthy then they can play this year’s game.

The game for 2020 is Touch N Go.  In this game, student teams will design, build and fly an airplane that will touch down onto a designated target then immediately resume flight. Targets are placed around the flight circle and touching down on them earns points for the team!

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