Best Picture Books for Teaching STEM

Best Picture Books for Teaching STEM- Just a Little Bit

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Sometimes the simplest stories present the biggest challenges.  This is definitely the case when Elephant and Mouse go to the playground to play on the seesaw:

Elephant wants to play on the seesaw with his friend Mouse. Elephant sits on one side of the seesaw and encourages Mouse of come play with him. When Mouse gets on the other side, Elephant’s side of the seesaw doesn’t move. He encourages Mouse to push down on the seesaw to get it to move, but with no luck. Giraffe and Zebra get on Mouse’s side of the seesaw to try to balance it, but they, too, are unsuccessful. Finally more animals get on Mouse’s side so that Elephant can enjoy the seesaw.

In this design challenge, students work with their teams to build and test a seesaw that will balance Elephant.  Using their ingenuity, their criteria and constraints and the Engineering Design Process, students work towards the best solution.

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