Best Picture Books for Teaching STEM

Best Picture Books for Teaching STEM: Violet the Pilot

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Violet the Pilot by Steve Breen tells the story of Violet Van Winkle, who takes pride in repairing and creating things from junk:

By the age of eight, Violet Van Winkle enjoyed spending hours building her own inventions out the things she found in the junkyard that her father manages. One of her favorite things to do was build flying machines. One day, she noticed a sign advertising a local air show and set out to build an airplane for it. When the day of the air show arrived, Violet hopped into her home-built airplane and set off for the show. On her way, she encountered a group of people whose canoe had capsized. She rescued the canoers but, in doing that, missed the air show. When she arrived home, she was so sad that she
did not make it to the show. Later that night, a crowd appeared at Violet’s door where the mayor gave Violet a medal of valor for rescuing the people.

In this design challenge, students work in teams to design an airplane that will travel the farthest.  But, there’s a catch…

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