Conference Presentations

As a teacher, administrator, and consultant, Lane has given hundreds of presentations, all aiming to engage and educate.  Using stunning visuals and practical examples, Lane builds a positive rapport with her audiences and strives to clarify unfriendly terms and acronyms to help participants become comfortable with new material.

Starfish Education partners with districts and organizations to:

  • Provide effective and practical presentations for K-12 staff and stakeholders
  • Deliver high-interest presentations using easy to understand language
  • Provide resources and handouts pertaining to the presentation topic

Starfish Education offers conference sessions on the following topics:

  • Building the STEM Pipeline: The Significance of K-12 Outreach
  • Digital STEM Tools for Digital Natives
  • Introduction to STEM Education
  • Strengthening Rigor in STEM Practices
  • Multimedia Resources for STEM Productivity
  • Google Docs of Classroom Success
  • Enhancing Digital Literacy through Comic Strips
  • Flipping Your STEM Classroom
  • Custom presentations also available

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