EPIC STEM Challenge Webinars

By January 4th, 2021No Comments

The Electric Propulsion Innovation Challenge (EPIC) STEM Challenge is THE hands-on STEM project for kids who think airplanes are cool and want to explore the aerospace field.

EPIC, formerly the LEAF STEM Challenge, is an engineering design challenge that inspires students in grades 6-12 to design, build and fly an electric airplane.  This hands-on STEM project for kids is low-cost, hands-on and standards-aligned.  It is also very low-cost, as each airplane costs about $10 USD.  Most of the resources are free and can be downloaded from our LEAF project site.

Because of COVID, we’ve had to cancel our in-person workshops that we usually hold during the summer.  That’s the bad news.

The good news is that we’re offering free webinars to try to make up for it and increase our visibility.  So, that means you can learn about EPIC from the comfort of your own couch, deck, backyard, etc.

The webinars are short and free.  Each one focuses on a key component of the project, so you only need to attend the one(s) that are important to you.

Visit our EPIC project site to sign up for a FREE Webinar!