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Flexible STEM

Flexible STEM for Learning Anywhere

By October 18th, 2022No Comments

Is your learning environment constantly changing?  Flexible STEM uses easily found household objects and is your solution for in-person, virtual or hybrid learning models!

Each Flexible STEM unit follows the Engineering Design Process and consists of a Teacher Guide, Teacher Slide Deck and Student Notebook.

Teacher Guide (PDF)

All of the nuts-and-bolts information needed to introduce and facilitate the design challenge is in the Teacher Guide.  This document includes the NGSS standards alignment, procedures, design challenge set-up and tips for effectively guiding students as they work towards solutions.

Teacher Slide Deck (PPTX)

To help introduce the challenge, teachers can use the Teacher Slide Deck.  The slide deck helps the teacher introduce the design challenge and includes the essential question, criteria and constraints, challenge set-up, and an in-depth look at the Engineering Design Process. A blank template slide is included for any additional information the teacher may want to add.

Student Notebook (PPTX)

Each Flexible STEM unit also includes a student notebook that can be used to guide students through the Engineering Design Process.  This notebook can be printed and used in person or uploaded to a platform like Google Drive for students to use virtually.

No matter your learning environment, Flexible STEM is designed as adaptable, stand-alone units to help teachers navigate changing circumstances while still helping student develop their STEM skills.

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