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Flexible STEM

Flexible STEM with Zippy Ziplines

By September 13th, 2022No Comments

Zippy Ziplines is a Flexible STEM unit that it can be taught through various learning models so that your students can continue their learning from anywhere.

Each Flexible STEM unit contains these three materials:

  • Teacher Guide- includes standards, set-up and other nuts and bolts information for the teacher
  • Teacher Slide Deck- introduces the design challenge to students and helps the teacher guide students through the engineering design process
  • Student Slide Deck- consists of student “notebook” pages that can be used virtually or printed out for student observations and data

In Zippy Ziplines, students work in teams to design…yes, you guessed it. A zipline!  Although this challenge seems pretty easy, there is more here than beats the eye.  Students will need to use their creativity and effective communication to design, build and test a zipline that follows the criteria and constraints outlined in this design challenge.

Since almost all of the materials are included (just add the easy-to-find items from the supply list) the planning is done!  Teachers can focus on connecting with students and helping them better understand engineering concepts.  These materials can be used in a virtual, hybrid or in-person learning model, so there’s no time wasted as learning environments change.  Plus, Flexible STEM units can be reused instantly without having to reformat it for the type of learning you need at the moment.

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