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Holiday STEM Challenge- Christmas

By September 20th, 2022No Comments

Christmas is coming!  For those who celebrate, it can be tough to get kids to concentrate on something other than what gifts and toys they want Santa to bring down the chimney.

Holiday STEM Challenges provide a break from students’ daily work that still targets standards and helps students sharpen their STEM skills.  Each Holiday STEM challenge comes complete with science notebook pages (half-page) so that students are still engaged in their learning, just with a holiday flair!

In the Christmas Holiday STEM design challenge, students focus on building a new sleigh for everyone’s favorite guy…Santa!  Students work in teams to solve this creative challenge using their NGSS skills and Engineering Design Process.  Don’t celebrate Christmas with your students, but love the idea of Holiday STEM Challenges?  Try the one geared for the winter season.

Get the Christmas Holiday STEM Challenge!

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