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Holiday STEM Challenge- Valentine’s Day

By September 20th, 2022No Comments

Are you looking for a great, engaging (and non-candy based) STEM Challenge for Valentine’s Day?  This STEM Challenge will help break your students’ sugar rush and still celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Holiday STEM Challenges provide a break from students’ daily work that still targets standards and helps students sharpen their STEM skills.  Each Holiday STEM challenge comes complete with science notebook pages (half-page) so that students are still engaged in their learning, just with a holiday flair!

This fun Valentine’s Day STEM Challenge inspires students to design and test the best arrow launching device for our friend, Cupid.  Once students have designed and built their arrow launcher, it’s time to test it!  Students test their arrow launching devices by playing a game to see who can score the most points.  Then, they analyze their data to see which design was the most successful!

This challenge comes with the engineering challenge design brief, challenge poster, criteria/constraints poster and procedure/set-up tips.  Also included are interactive STEM notebook pages as well as the game board (target).  Posters are designed as full-page and notebook pages are designed as half-pages.

Get the Valentine’s Day Holiday STEM Challenge!

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