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Interactive STEM Notebooks: Engineering Design Process

By February 6th, 2020No Comments

Using Interactive STEM Notebooks in your classroom requires a thought process to accompany it.

In the case of STEM, it is the Engineering Design Process.  The Engineering Design Process, often confused with the Scientific Method, is a dedicated process that details how most engineering problems are solved.

The Engineering Design Process and the Scientific Method are very different.  As a result, I like students to have multiple copies of it in their STEM Notebooks.  The first copy is glued on the cover of the notebook (check out the STEM Dividers for this) and is just a graphic that details the steps of the process.

The second copy is a foldable hexagon that lives throughout the notebook and is used to record each part of the process as we work through a project.  Using these helps students to better focus their ideas, but continue to refine and redesign their solution.

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