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Interactive STEM Notebooks: Foldables

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I’ve posted about foldables before because I think they are a really creative way for students to further their understanding through STEM Notebooks.  Most foldables are pretty general, lending themselves to almost any application (and other subjects as well).

I like to include them in Interactive STEM Notebooks because they help students think creatively and deepen knowledge.  They also help students to communicate their findings in a way that requires summary skills.

Everyone has their favorite foldables and I’m no exception!  Here are my favorites that are included in the Bundle Pack:

Engineering Design Process foldable– The EDP foldable allows students to chart their progress and record their steps as they seek solutions.  Shaped like a hexagon, it provides a bit of space for each of the steps of the engineering process.

Three-Flap foldable– The three-flap foldable is very generic and I like this one because it can serve many purposes.  Students can use this foldable for vocabulary words, linear processes, lists, cause and effect, etc.

Triangle Foldable– This one is also pretty general, but it really lends itself to adding variety to Claim, Evidence, Reasoning reporting.  They are also helpful when students are comparing different designs or writing main ideas and supporting details.

Spinner Foldable– This foldable is good for concepts that lend themselves to cycles or processes


Don’t forget to include some foldables in your notebooks!  After all, that’s what makes them interactive for students and more engaging!

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