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Interactive STEM Notebook: Glossary

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Another element that I like to include in Interactive STEM Notebooks is a glossary.  I like them to become personal glossaries, but I model the process as a whole class during the first quarter so that students understand the expectation.  First, students glue the sheets in the back of the notebook, starting with the last page and working forward.  I start using four pages (2 full sheets per student)  After that, students are on their own to collect words that are new to them or have special meaning.  Blank sheets are made accessible so that students can glue in new ones as needed.

To keep everyone on track, I do suggest that perhaps *this* word might be an interesting one to write in our personal glossaries.  In order to make sure that students write down the correct definition, they have “approved” sources from which they can get the definition.  That way, students aren’t guessing at the meaning of a new word.

When I grade the Interactive Science Notebooks, there is a spot on the rubric to assess their attention to their personal glossaries.

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