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Interactive STEM Notebooks: Notebook Expectations

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As we continue on our path of STEM Notebook domination, our next step is to talk to students about expectations for the Interactive Notebook.

I like let students suggest the “rules” that they should follow when working in their Notebooks.  Students will usually come up with most of the expectations after a small discussion.  Or, to speed things along, the teacher can simply review the list and have students glue it into their notebooks.

This page is one of the first pages that students glue into their notebooks so I like to revisit the discussion about glue, even with older students.  I prefer to use white glue sticks because I think they are easier for students and don’t wrinkle the pages like runny white glue does .

If you prefer (or have easier access to) regular glue, I love the plastic add-on glue caps that help students use appropriate amounts of glue without drowning the paper. Once students understand the expectations for their Notebooks (and using the glue!), it makes the remainder of your Science classes progress smoothly!

This comprehensive list will help students know what is expected as they begin to use their Interactive STEM Notebooks.

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