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Precision Pursuit- Our 2023 EPIC Game

By August 31st, 2023No Comments
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This year’s EPIC STEM Challenge game is here!  If you haven’t done this hands-on STEM project with your kids, you should!  Each year, our kids and coaches vote on what kind of game they want to play.  This year, they voted to plan a precision game.

But, before I introduce this year’s game, let me step back and share a bit about EPIC if you’re unfamiliar…

EPIC is the Electric Propulsion Innovation Challenge.  It is designed for kids in grades 6-12 and it challenges them to design, build and fly a small electric airplane that will carry out a specific task.  It sounds really intimidating, but it’s not!  It’s super fun!  It’s a great opportunity for kids to explore a potential interest in the aerospace field and develop/refine their critical thinking skills.

Each year, we play a different game. Our 2023 game is Precision Pursuit!  In this game, teams are challenged to design, build and fly a small electric airplane that can be navigated through flight gates of different heights and sizes.

Want to learn more?

Check out our 5-minute overview of this year’s game, Precision Pursuit:

Download the Precision Pursuit Game Rules and come fly with us!

Still not convinced?  Try out Five Reasons your Kids Should Participate in EPIC

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