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STEM Skills Challenge- 10 Challenges to Build STEM Skills Employers Value

By September 16th, 2022No Comments

What if STEM stood for something different? As you know, the actual acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, but aside from content, the concept encompasses many more essential skills like: problem solving, critical thinking, team-building, self-esteem, self-motivation and more.

In a relevant report from LinkedIn, business leaders were surveyed regarding the skills, attitudes, attributes, and aspirations that they feel are the most important to the success of students in the future.  An overwhelming 93% said that ‘soft skills’ play a critical role in the hiring process and 61% of professionals say that ‘soft skills’ are just as important as ‘hard skills’.

So, why not help students develop soft skills too?  According to the LinkedIn study, here are the top sought-after soft skills:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Management
  • Time Management
  • Strategy

Look at all of those ‘soft skills’!  The STEM Skills Challenges Bundle Pack harnesses the power of STEM challenges and focuses on these essential success skills that our students need to be effective in the STEM workforce.

With these skills, students will no doubt land themselves at the top of the list when going out into the workforce!  This Bundle Pack includes 10 design challenges that focus on teamwork as well as other elements like design briefs and interactive STEM notebook pages.

Here are the design challenges included:

Build a Better Boat
Crazy Catapults
Gumdrop Bridges
Newspaper Table
Paperclip Airplanes
Plastic Cup Pyramid
Save Fred
Smooth Sailing
Souper Structures
Spacesuit Spuds

Get the STEM Skills Challenge Bundle Pack with all 10 Design Challenges!

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