What is the LEAF STEM Challenge?

The LEAF (Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Flight) STEM Challenge is designed for students in grades 6-12.  Students teams are challenged to design, build, and fly an electric, tethered airplane that will successfully carry the most cargo.

Where will this Challenge be held?

The LEAF Fly-Off is held annually in December at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA.  We hope to see you and your students there!

How can my students participate?

Download the FREE resources to get started! Have questions?  In partnership with The Lindbergh Foundation and Pacific Northwest AIAA we also sponsor a coaches workshop each summer in the Seattle area.  Attending is a great way to quickly get you up to speed and teachers can earn Washington teachers clock hours towards certification.  You’ll also have an opportunity to meet and network with the other participants.

What are the basic rules?

Rules for participation are pretty easy.  Students must be in grades 6-12 to participate.  Airplanes must use the required motor (provided in the documentation below) and must not exceed the size requirements, which change each year to keep the challenge fresh. Students must fly at least two successful laps with and without cargo. The student teams whose airplanes carry the most cargo win! (Check the detailed rules for specific parameters.)

Where do I register my teams?

Once registration is open, you’ll be able to register your teams at our project site: www.LEAFChallenge.com

For more information and free resources for implementing this project, visit our dedicated project site.