Brown Bag STEM Challenge II

10 Easy STEM Projects for Engaging Students- The Brown Bag Challenge II

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Back by popular demand is The Brown Bag STEM Challenge, where materials are low-cost, engagement is high, and everything (well, theoretically anyway) fits in a brown bag.

Thanks for all the emails to bring this one back!   Definitely one of my favorites!  As with its predecessor, The Brown Bag STEM Challenge, these design challenges are easy on the wallet, but focus on some key STEM concepts like critical thinking and problem solving.

This Bundle Pack contains all of the same elements (design briefs, NGSS alignment, Interactive STEM Notebook pages, etc.) as the original, but with new challenges! So grab a bundle and get your students engaged in STEM!

Read about each design challenge in this bundle:

Building Boxes
Insulated Ice
Paper Rockets
Perfect Parachutes
Pringle Pod
Derby Cars
Marble Madness
Lily Pad Leap
Slingshot Gallery
Hot Air Balloons

Get the Brown Bag STEM Challenge II Bundle Pack with all of the Design Briefs and Interactive Notebook Pages!


Not sure about purchasing the entire bundle yet?  Give the Slingshot Gallery Challenge a try!