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Summer Science Experiments

4 Super Fun Science Experiments for Kids

Science experiments offer the perfect opportunity for kids to explore!   They help kids think like scientists and create experiments that help them make more sense of the world around them.  They also encourage inquiry, by encouraging kids to ask questions, make predictions, and test their theories. As kids experiment, they become active participants in their own learning and foster a love for science.

Plus, conducting science experiments have other benefits too. Doing experiments help kids:

Boost Curiosity

Conducting science experiments can be a great way for kids to expand their base knowledge on a subject and wonder about questions to investigate in the future.  They provide an opportunity for kids to let their natural curiosity lead the way as they ask questions about things they want to know more about.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Science experiments require kids to think logically and plan out an experiment starting with what they think will happen (hypothesis).  Following the steps of the Scientific Method helps kids develop observation skills and learn how to analyze their results.

Improve Communication Skills

Conducting experiments can not only help kids gain a better understanding of scientific concepts, it can also help them explain what they have learned.  Being able to communicate using tools like STEM notebooks is an important skill that will help kids no mater what career they pursue.

Spark Interest in Potential Careers

Engaging in science experiments can spark a lifelong interest in a specific topic that can lead them to pursuing a STEM career doing what they love!

Overall, science experiments are a fantastic way to make learning fun and engaging for kids. Here are a few to start with.  Each of these science experiments has a great science lesson in it, is easy on the wallet and heavy on the fun. Try them out:

Rock Candy
Super Slime
Wonderful Water
Sidewalk Chalk

For other low-cost STEM activities, try 10 Ways to Engage Students in STEM

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