Best Picture Books for Teaching STEM

Best Picture Books for Teaching STEM: Ada Twist, Scientist

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Ada Twist, Scientist is another great STEM book by Andrea Beaty that demonstrates for students the concept of perseverance as Ada Marie Twist (named after to famous women scientists- Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie) wonders about and tries to find solutions to problems:

Ada Marie worried her parents because she didn’t start talking until she was three years old. When she did begin to talk, she didn’t stop. Her curious mind was always asking questions that she then investigated. One day, her parents had enough and told her to stop investigating. When they found the hallway covered with her thoughts and questions, they made a plan to help her sort facts from fiction.

Students have a natural curiosity, so why not leverage it?  In this accompanying design challenge, students will solve a problem that they might have wondered about- How do we get clean water?


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