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STEM Essentials- Communicating Results

By December 11th, 2023No Comments

In working to create a comprehensive STEM unit plan, we’ve talked about how to develop a plan, craft different types of assessments, create a rubric, and use the Engineering Design Process to plan the remaining lessons.

One of the last components to is a mechanism for students to communicate their findings.  Although it’s last on our planning list, expectations need to be communicated to students early on in the unit. It’s important for students to investigate and record their daily notes and data as well as create formal reports of their discoveries.

For this component, there are many options. Teachers who are techie can use a high-tech mechanism and set up a Google Site, Group or other digital workspace for students that will allow them to develop and refine 21st century skills.

Teachers can also use a low-tech mechanism and ask students to communicate their results through Interactive STEM Notebooks that will allows students to focus more in effective communication. For those who k now me, I am a huge fan of Interactive STEM Notebooks!  They are incredibly authentic and that students can easily take ownership of them rather than to copy notes from the board.

Because of the many options available, the teacher should choose the best method of delivery, factoring in the age-appropriate skill level of students and the curriculum/ skills that will be the main focus of the project.

In addition to written communication, it’s a good idea to  have an oral component like a presentation, interview, or skit as well.  Combining written and oral reporting helps students to enhance their communication skills and make them more relevant as presenting and public speaking are important skills students need when preparing for the workforce.

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