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Summer STEM Activities Board- July

By December 11th, 2023No Comments

Summer is a great time for kids to learn and explore STEM!  And there are so many STEM activities that can be done at home, without any special equipment.

Here are 30 ideas for STEM activities for the month of July that can be done at home in the summer.  As you work with your child to explore these STEM activities, be sure to let your young scientist or engineer take the lead!

All of the ideas on the activity board are just that- ideas- so consider your child’s age and abilities when selecting a STEM activity.  Will you complete all of them?  Pick out just a few?  Do a row or column and claim “Bingo”?

Use these tips when exploring with your child:

  • Look for ideas that enhance or elevate your child’s natural interests.
  • Encourage your child’s curiosity by helping them ask questions and make observations and explore different solutions.
  • Incorporate real-life applications like recent news stories, something happening in your neighborhood or different careers that might relate to that activity.
  • Use online resources to help elevate the activity and help your child “research” possible solutions or provide other learning extensions.
  • Encourage your child to work with a sibling or neighbor.  STEM is collaborative!
  • Help your child celebrate their achievements.  Your encouragement and praise helps boost your child’s confidence in exploring different solutions.  Not every solution will turn out, but that’s ok!

Work with your child to make the STEM activities fun, engaging, and accessible. By fostering their curiosity and providing opportunities for hands-on exploration, you can spark a lifelong love for STEM!

Get the FREE July STEM Activity Board! Look for the June and August STEM Activity Boards too!

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