Teaching STEM through Fairy Tales II

Teaching STEM through Fairy Tales II- 10 Low-Cost Activities for Younger Students

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In Teaching STEM through Fairy Tales II, students work as a team to extend the tale or help our beloved characters.

Originally developed for the K-3 crowd, the Teaching STEM through Fairy Tales I and II have been popular with students in grades 4-8 also.  Building STEM skills from fairy tales is powerful because even young children can work form a common background knowledge.

Design challenges in this bundle present students with “realistic” problems that our fairy tale characters might face.  Each Fairy Tale in this Bundle Pack contains a design brief and STEM Notebook pages (half-page in size for Interactive STEM Notebooks).

So, join Snow White, the Frog Prince and many more on a fairy tale STEM adventure that students of all ages will find engaging!

Each fairy tale in this popular series includes an engineering challenge design brief aligned to NGSS engineering design performance expectations.  Any supplementary resources needed (templates, targets, etc) and interactive STEM notebook pages for your students is also included.  With easy to follow teacher directions that outline the criteria, constraints and procedures, these stress-free plans will help you effectively implement STEM!

Check out the tales featured in the Teaching STEM through Fairy Tales II series:

The Steadfast Tin Soldier
The Bremen Town Musicians
The Pied Piper
The Frog Prince
The Elves and the Shoemaker
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Get the Teaching STEM through Fairy Tales II Bundle Pack!

Not sure about the entire bundle just yet?  Give the Frog Prince Design Challenge a try!