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Interactive STEM Notebooks: 10 Resources to Get Started

By February 6th, 2020No Comments

In my quest to make Interactive STEM Notebooks even more versatile and useful for both teachers and students, I created a bundle with all the necessary tools!  This bundle includes a letter to parents as well as numbered and unnumbered (but with no titles) table of contents.  And, for your first couple of days, there is a What Science Is/ Is Not page as many students have a misconception of what science (and especially engineering) actually is.

Also included is a Cover Page, Tab Dividers, Safety Contract, Notebook Expectations and Glossary.  These seem rather simple, but a little time spent on these at the beginning will gain tons of time later.   Plus, the glossary is a great place for students to collect new STEM-y words as it is both important and powerful for students to use the correct terminology.

There are a few more goodies that I didn’t mention, but the bundle has everything that you’ll need to get started.  After that, have fun creating your own flavor of Interactive STEM Notebooks to help your scientists and engineers become more critical thinkers!

Want to read a little more about the core components I recommend for Interactive STEM Notebooks?  Here you go:

Cover and Dividers for each section
Letter to Parents 
Table of Contents
Safety Contracts
Notebook Expectations
Engineering Design Process
Science/Engineering Debriefs
Graphic Organizers


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