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Mental Math STEM Games- Greatest Inferior

By November 18th, 2021No Comments

Greatest Inferior, one of the 5 games in the Mental Math for Struggling Students Cards Bundle is a number sense game where students strive to be, well, the greatest inferior!

In Greatest Inferior, students work to arrange their cards into two numbers that will yield the highest total.  But wait!  There’s a catch!  The “Price is Right” rules apply, so each player must try to be the one to build the largest number possible without going over 1000.

This game for grades 2-5 (but could be easily adapted for grades 6-8), includes standards alignment (CCSS Math),  variations for higher and lower ability students, Game Instructions with sample game play, and half-page score cards perfect for inclusion in student Math or STEM notebooks.

Students can play one scorecard as a team or individually as they work to build the largest number that’s less than 1000.  Don’t have any cards handy? Click on over to the Starfish Education store and download the full or half page printable playing cards.  They’re free!

Get the Mental Math STEM Games- Greatest Inferior!