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Mental Math STEM Games- Prison Break

By September 7th, 2022No Comments

About Prison Break

The Mental Math STEM Games for Struggling Students series helps kids sharpen their math skills and strengthen their critical reasoning skills in a fun environment.

Prison Break is an engaging, low-prep game that helps kids reinforce two difficult skills- probability and fractions.

Spinner and scorecards are included with the game.  Just print, photocopy and go. The only materials, students will only need to provide a pencil and a paperclip.

Why Mental Math (and Number Sense) is Important

The Mental Math STEM Games for Struggling Students series was designed to help kids practice their math skills in a fun, low-stakes environment to help them become more confident with difficult skills.

So many times, students are passionate about STEM, but don’t necessarily have the math skills or the confidence to truly take advantage of all that STEM projects have t offer.  These games appeal to kids of varying skill levels and meet students where they are so that they can focus on growing their skills…and confidence!

Get the Mental Math STEM Games- Prison Break!

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