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Doing STEM is fun whether it be during a pandemic, over the summer or just during some down time.  Here are some STEM @Home resources with activities kids can do at home to help your kids exercise their brains without knowing it!


Tinkercad is a free, online CAD program that teaches kids how to design 3D items.  Opening a free account requires an email address and begins with a tutorial to walk kids through how to use the platform.  Designs can be exported for 3D printing or lasercutting, printed directly or shared with popular 3D communities.

MIT App Inventor

MIT App Inventor is a free, online app that teaches kids how to create their own app right in their browser!  No coding knowledge is needed as there is a series of beginner tutorials to help you get started.  Once you learn the basics, the large collection of other tutorials will help teach specific components.

Best Picture Books for Teaching STEM

Best Picture Books for Teaching STEM is a collection of STEM activities that complement well-known picture books.  Each activity in this bundle includes a design challenge flip-book that will guide students through the Engineering Design Process as they solve the presented problem.

NASA eClips

NASA eClips contains standards-based videos to help educators and students better understand science.  Each video briefly (around 5 minutes) explains a science concept and provides related links to help students learn more about the topic.  Each video comes complete with an Educator Guide to help build background knowledge too.

Math Snacks

Math Snacks are fun little games that target specific skills such as ratios, decimals and fractions.  Perfect for upper elementary, these games make learning the skill fun.  There is no login or account needed, just click and learn!

STEM Skills Challenge

The STEM Skills Challenges were created out of a need to help prepare students for the workforce.  Perfect for any age group, these challenges focus on skills that employers value like teamwork, communication and problem solving.


XploreLbas offers STEM-based modules that help kids investigate a phenomena.  With three modules so far, kids can explore batteries, fire forensics and portable power.  Modules can be done independently or with a group.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online offers a large collection of picture books read to kids by celebrities.  Each featured book is accompanied by a teacher’s guide containing standards-aligned activities for kids.

Cryptography for Kids

Cryptography for Kids teaches and refines math skills through ciphers and secret messages.  Kids learn to encrypt and decrypt riddles as they work towards creating their own!

Check out STEM @Home- STEM Games and STEM @Home for more great ideas!

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