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STEM Curriculum Units

STEM Curriculum Units- Cryptography for Kids

By December 11th, 2023No Comments

Raise your hand if you’re into Escape Rooms or Break Out Boxes!  I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of obsessed with them lately because I think that it’s a genius and sneaky way to reinforce math skills.  It’s great to have kids solve puzzles to get a step closer to breaking out or solving a mystery, but it can get old with having kids solve the same kinds of problems each time.  Well, have I got a solution for you!








Cryptography for Kids is a 48-page unit that helps to reinforce math skills through cryptography.  Use it as a stand-alone unit for math reinforcement or as a supplemental to your favorite Escape Room or Break Out puzzle.

The seven ciphers included in this unit are: Caesar Cipher, PigPen Cipher, Playfair Cipher, Vigenere Cipher, Additive Cipher, Multiplicative Cipher, and Affine Cipher.

These ciphers was chosen specifically to enhance and strengthen students’ pattern skills, arithmetic skills and critical thinking skills.  All include a teaching page, student practice pages, supplemental pages (formatted for STEM notebooks) and best of all…answer keys!

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