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Inspiring Student Success with STEM Fairs

By December 11th, 2023No Comments

STEM fairs are a great way for students to showcase their interests, abilities, and understanding of scientific and technological concepts. Here are some ideas for STEM fair projects that can inspire elementary school and middle school students:

Simple machines

Create simple machines such as levers, pulleys, or gears to demonstrate how they work and their various uses. Students can also create their own designs and explain how they improve upon existing machines.

Alternative Energy

Explore alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydro power, and create their own models to demonstrate how they work.


Use basic electronics and programming skills to design and build simple robots. Students can program their robots to perform specific tasks, such as following a line or avoiding obstacles.


Study the life cycle of plants and their role in the ecosystem, and create their own garden or terrarium. They can also experiment with different lighting and soil conditions to determine the best conditions for plant growth.

Weather and Climate

Study the various components of weather, including temperature, precipitation, wind, and pressure. Students can also create their own weather station to measure temperature, humidity, and wind speed, and use the data to create weather forecasts.


Explore the science behind chemical reactions by performing simple experiments with household items. Or, create a chart to demonstrate the various types of chemical reactions, such as acid-base reactions, oxidation-reduction reactions, and combustion reactions.

Space and Astronomy

Study the stars and planets, and create their own models of the solar system. Students can also learn about the history of space exploration and the various missions that have been launched to study our solar system and beyond.

These ideas are just a starting point for your creative kids!  Don’t forget to encourage students to use their own creativity to develop their own unique projects.  Once you’ve got the idea, hop on over and read more about STEM Fair Resources to help you or your students be successful.

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