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STEM Curriculum Units

STEM Curriculum Units- Aerospace

By December 11th, 2023No Comments

Are you looking for complete STEM units for your students?  Let me do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your students without the stress of having to create STEM units!

The Aerospace Curriculum is designed to stand alone but also makes a great companion for the EPIC STEM Challenge.  Have you heard of the EPIC STEM Challenge?  If not, you’re missing out!

In brief, the Electric Propulsion Innovation Challenge (EPIC) is a hands-on aerospace project for kids in grades 6-12 that inspires them to design, build and fly a small electric airplane that will carry out a specific task.  Sometimes their teachers and coaches appreciate a curriculum especially their first time going through the project.  Enter, the EPIC curriculum.

This hands-on, standards-aligned curriculum contains 10 complete lessons that can be used as a stand alone introduction to aerospace or in conjunction with the EPIC STEM Challenge.  Each lesson uses common items to reinforce aerospace concepts in an engaging way and arms kids with the background knowledge that they need to begin designing, building and flying their airplanes.

You can use these lessons regardless of if you play EPIC with us.  They will complement any aerospace project, but of course we’re biased since EPIC is a best-practice STEM project.

Get the Aerospace Curriculum for your Students!

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