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Mental Math STEM Games for Struggling Students- Cards Bundle

By March 19th, 2020No Comments

Math games are so much fun that kids don’t realize they’re learning!

I’ve been having so much fun creating a collection of math games for a client that I just couldn’t stop!  This new bundle is all about cards.  Since I roll my eyes when I see all of the “easy” math games that require teachers to copy and cut entire reams of paper just for one activity center or class period, I specifically created the Mental Math STEM Games Dice Bundle and the Card Bundle to be easy (no, really) and low-prep.

All you need to play these card games is…a deck of standard playing cards.  If you don’t have a deck of cards hanging around, you can find them at your local dollar store or download the full-page and half-page versions from the Starfish Education store for free!  (I fully realize that puts us back to copying and cutting reams of paper, but I wanted to provide an option if you didn’t have time to Amazon them or get to a store.)

Games in this bundle include:

  • Greatest Inferior (number sense, place value)
  • Monkey in the Middle (mean, median, mode)
  • Perfect Score  (fractions, percents)
  • Positively Negative (positive/ negative numbers)
  • Robot Race (factors, multiples)

There are, of course, student game boards and score sheets that you can use as needed (they are half-page designed for STEM notebooks) but that’s it!  So grab a deck of cards and help students improve their math skills!

Get the Mental Math STEM Games Cards Bundle!