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Flexible STEM

Flexible STEM with Rocket Launch

By December 11th, 2023No Comments

Rocket Launch is another one of the  Flexible STEM units that it can be taught through various learning models so that your students can continue their learning from anywhere.

Each Flexible STEM unit contains these three materials:

  • Teacher Guide- includes standards, set-up and other nuts and bolts information for the teacher
  • Teacher Slide Deck- introduces the design challenge to students and helps the teacher guide students through the engineering design process
  • Student Slide Deck- consists of student “notebook” pages that can be used virtually or printed out for student observations and data

In the Rocket Launch unit, students work in teams to design and test a rocket that follows specific design criteria (and constraints).  With the materials provided, teams use the engineering design process to test  and refine them them.  During the process, students document their findings and observations using the packet as a guide.

All of the Flexible STEM units include a Teacher Guide, Teacher Slide Deck, and Student Slide Deck.  Additionally, the Rocket Launch bundle includes basic rocket assembly instructions (if needed), paper measuring tape and targets.

This bundle is great for informal learning, hybrid learning or in-person teaching.  It complements STEM notebooks and Engineering Design performance indicators in NGSS to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

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